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Wade’s Alternatives to ACL

Wade here with some great events for those of us not interested in/can’t afford the Austin City Limits Music Festival. There is much awesomeness to choose from. Check out Ditch the Fest Fest 3, Austin City Locals, Silent City Limits, and Friends and Diamond Rings at the Mohawk.


Episode 50: Thank You, Austin

We gather most of the Beyond 6th family for our 50th Episode. We drink and cover everything from the big news since we last recorded to SXSW, good food and upcoming shows. And, because Graham says it a lot, Wade is unemployed! Thanks for listening. We love you!


With Yassine under fire, what’s next for downtown club scene?

Pigeon at Treasure Island

In ’96, Hussein Ali ‘Mike’ Yassine opened Treasure Island, what was to be the first venue of many in the Yassine Enterprises family. The ambitious Mike Yassine once told the Statesman he planned to open 1 new bar a year. As new venues opened, the scope and motif of the clubs also became more ambitious, from shark tanks at Qua, pulley-driven cages at Kiss & Fly to a real wood "eco-friendly" interior at Roial. At least two new venues were planned for this year: one where 219 West had once been and another unnamed project aimed for the Rainey Street District.


The FP Hits Theatres This Month

One of the big hits from last year’s SXSW was The FP, a (very) independent flick that’s since been licensed for distribution by our local Drafthouse Films. Having seen a screening last year, I’ll share some of my thoughts. Actually, I’ll first share some thoughts I found scribbled on the men’s room wall at The Hideout:

The FP according to patrons of The Hideout, Austin, TX


Beyond 6th: The Revenge Edition

Recording the Episode

We are grateful we were invited to the Revenge Novel Release Party at The Dive Bar by authors Gabrielle Faust and Solomon Schneider. This was recorded amidst much drinking and fun on Wednesday, January 18th.


Episode 48: Eiffel Towers

Hot Chicks on Wolves

This  was our year end episode. Obviously we are a little late posting it. We discuss a handful of future shows as well as our favorite albums, songs, films and shows of the year.
Since the recording of this episode, Occupy Erica has ended. Lillian Quinn Cantu was born on December 20th, 2011.


Episode 47: HTML with Adi Anand

Slacker Magazine Launch apocalodyssey w/ White Denim et al. @ Empire Automotive Bar, 12/31/2011We are back with our guest Adi Anand of Transmission Entertainment. We discuss the usual with a new ingredient, Graham, and the added spice of Drunk Justin (J-Dawg). Listen and love.

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