Austin Comic Con vs. Texas Renaissance Faire

Last weekend was a busy one for me, boys and girls. In fact, the entire month of November has been busy for me, but that’s another story. It all started when my good friend and podcast host Wade gave me his three day pass to Austin Comic Con, since he would have to work over the weekend (everyone shed tears of sadness for Wade). I thought, “Awesome! A free pass to a comic convention! I don’t even have to pay for a hotel room!”


Episode 44: Edit Factor… Apocalypse

Halloween Honkey Tonk Haunted Hoedown Espectaculario

When Justin and I sat down to edit this episode, we knew we were in for a treat. This is what remains of an average-length recording that was full of awkward pauses and bullshit. It turned out quite nice!


Getting Older OR The Resistance Against Age

I had one of those interesting maturity moments this week. I’m sure we’ve all had them (except Wade, whom I am going to start calling the gay Peter Pan). My work has implimented a 401(k) plan. We had a meeting on Tuesday with the representatives from… whatever company we’re going to be using. It was an odd feeling, sitting there, 26, thinking about planning for retirement in some 40+ years. It’s taken forever to get to 26, the years seem to crawl by, and I can barely picture myself at 30, much less at 65. Yet all around me lie the tell-tale signs of age.


Episode 40: Opposite Day with Ume

Ume and the Beyond 6th Crew

We are delighted and grateful that Ume was able to join us for this episode. They play us a wonderful acoustic version of “Hurricane” before we jump into our usual profanity-laden methods of interviewing.