The Changing Face of South Congress

I love South Congress. I live in South Congress and have for 3 years. I was incredibly lucky when I moved to Austin and, knowing nothing about the city, found a good house in SoCo for a good price. I love being able to walk down the street and window shop, people watch, and then end up at what is probably my favorite coffee shop in all of Austin, Jo’s Coffee. Then I walk back to my house with a little more people watching, window shopping, and music listening. It’s peaceful. It’s nice It’s my happy place. But if you have been to South Congress lately, you’ve noticed that it’s changed.


Episode 33: Hotter than a Curandera

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All together again! Justin was a little tipsy and didn’t turn on his mic… so his voice might be a little quiet in this episode. We begin by discussing the perils of manscaping. Listen and love.