Episode 31: Gourmet British Food

Our rapture felt strangely like a hangover, Bri used to be a girl scout, Eddie is a real biker, Wade loses the lottery and finds employment in rape,  Dave says hi and Justin goes on a work-fueled bender that leaves this episode posted way late.


Episode 29: Vintage Side-boob and Pizza

Wade and Justin Editing Episode 29

This episode is the result of what could be a craigslist missed connection between the crew and The White White Lights. We were bummed that there was a communication breakdown but managed to bullshit about drugs, pizza and TV. Listen and love!


Episode 28: Left Behind with Awesomeness

We come back after a week packed with festivals and boozing only to discover that: no one wants Wade to be president, Bri is going to a strip club for her birthday, porn inspired Eddie to be a programmer and Justin has been shit-sprayed.


Wade’s SXSW Music Highlights

SXSW is the Batmobile delivered to your driveway. Seeing the bands you already know and love is driving that Batmobile. Experiencing artists you have never heard of, but immediately love is opening the cockpit of that Batmobile and finding Ian Somerhalder in the mood to experiment with his sexuality. Can’t relate? You’ve obviously never seen Ian Somerhalder.