While we await Wade’s epic SXSW wrap-up, I thought I’d share my favourite act from this year with you, Surprise Me Mr. Davis. Journals describe the music as electro-folk, and I suppose that sounds right. Since they usually grace the NYC and Cali circuit, it was refreshing to catch them in Austin. Check out this HD video I captured at Cheers:


Beyond 6th at SXSW, Part 1

In Part 1 of our SXSW coverage, Wade interviews three acts from exotic locales including Ze from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, The Boat People from Brisbane, Austrailia, and Verona Red from (not so exotic) Chicago, IL. I enjoyed watching and interviewing each of these bands/artists. A truly great first day of SXSW Music. Check them out at both Official and Unofficial SXSW events listed below:


Episode 22: The South By Trifecta

Eddie makes his triumphant return from the frozen tundra of Boston! In an interesting role reversal, Bri is a bit tipsy and Wade is sober. A preliminary SXSW discussion ensued.