Episode 29: Vintage Side-boob and Pizza

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Wade and Justin Editing Episode 29

This episode is the result of what could be a craigslist missed connection between the crew and The White White Lights. We were bummed that there was a communication breakdown but managed to bullshit about drugs, pizza and TV. Listen and love!

Mentionables: Maddow/Daily Show Royal Wedding Animation | Shortbus Trailer | Blue Dahlia | Glitoris presents “Cousin Claudia” 5/13 @ Elysium | White Denim in-store 5/20 @ Waterloo Records | Janelle Monae 5/15 @ LZR | The Dive (Guadalupe & 17th) Grand Opening, 5/11 | Echotone Soundtrack (Free for Limited Time) | Sons of Anarchy | Satan Since 2003 (Richmond scooter gangs doc) | Cyclist Thong Guy Beirut Tix Contest | Doctor Who, 2011 Series | How Did You Get This Number? | Royal Blue Grocery | Rockin’ Tomato | Everyone Involved in Pizza’s Preparation, Delivery, Purchase Extremely High | Radiohead’s Supercollider/The Butcher

Intro song is “Doesn’t Bother Me” by Modern Moonlight from Echotone – Austin, TX: The Quiet Fight for a Louder Future