Episode 46: The Rough Riders’ Muppet Country Jamboree

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Halloween Honky Tonk Haunted Hoe Down Espectaculario Knifight @ Scoot Inn 10/27 Zombie Prom at Beauty Bar, 10/29

We are joined by some of The Rough Riders, Austin Local 402 (Twitter, Facebook) to discuss their upcoming show and album. Their sound is self-described as “Muppet Country” or “Velvety soft with a pinch of bestiality.” Listen and love!

We hoot n’ holler about: Country Bear Jamboree | Bad Chapters | The Whiskey Shivers “Gimme All Your Lovin” | We Aim to Try | Battles | Dax Riggs, Smoke and Feathers & Strange Vine @ Emo’s (Red River) 10/29 | East Austin Studio Tour | Austin Record Convention | Nurse With Wound | Izzy Cox | Captain Jack Harkness | Weekend @ Violet Crown Cinema | Lucas Molandes | Brooke Van Poppelen | Mother’s Cafe & Garden | FFF App for iOS | Spirit Halloween Stores | House of Torment | Wolfen | Ryan Rapsys | Radio Flyer