The FP Hits Theatres This Month

One of the big hits from last year’s SXSW was The FP, a (very) independent flick that’s since been licensed for distribution by our local Drafthouse Films. Having seen a screening last year, I’ll share some of my thoughts. Actually, I’ll first share some thoughts I found scribbled on the men’s room wall at The Hideout:

The FP according to patrons of The Hideout, Austin, TX

As you can see, it’s a polarizing motion picture. Whether you love this film or hate it, it’s sure to scribble an impression on you.

The film documents the struggles of a young man in a post-apocalyptic Frazier Park, California. After learning that his longtime rival L Dubba E has taken over the town’s liquor supply, he rekindles his abandoned martial art in hopes to take back the town before the area’s functioning alcoholics turn to harder drugs.

His martial art is none other than Beat Beat Revelation, a dance-driven video game strikingly similar to Dance Dance Revolution. It’s in this game that The FP’s epic battles for territory take place. The dance battles were almost too real for me and I had to look away several times during the screening. If the action isn’t enough of an emotional shockwave, the dialog is sure to blow you away:

BTRO: I’ll be backing your shit up until the end.
JTRO: For reals?
BTRO: For reals.

During the screening, several people got so choked-up, they had to leave the theatre, at least I assume it’s because they were choked-up. Between the incredible action and riveting dialog, this movie shook my bones and warmed my heart. It may do the same for you.


The FP PosterWhile there may be extra screenings around SXSW, the film officially runs in Austin March 16th through the 23rd at Alamo Drafthouse’s Village, South Lamar, and new Slaughter locations.


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