Wade’s SXSW 2013

SXSW2013.028P. Chelsea Light Moving
I had an excellent time at SXSW, as many did, but I was particularly excited to have earned a SXSW Film Wristband as well as a discount Music Wristband. Below I will list, in chronological order the films, bands and events I attended. I will highlight my favorites with a brief paragraph but all of these are things I enjoyed.

Saturday: 3/9

I attended the film portion of SXSW  in 2009 with a Platinum badge I lucked into on Craigslist. Alas, as I discovered, for anything interesting, the film wristband was fairly hard to use.

I did manage to see the premiere of The Bounceback (2013) @ The Paramount.

The film is funny and crass without being too base. Moreover it is a decent story about relationships evolving to an end. It was shot in Austin so, if you are a local, you will be saying “They could not be walking by Seaholm having just left Justine’s” and other things of the like. This is something I would like to see again and would recommend as a date film if you both enjoy some excellent and explicit talk about sex and dating. Maybe not a first date.

Now it is time for some music. First stop was Holy Mountain @ 4pm to see The Wandering Buffalo followed by Frank Smith.

Then I jumped across town to go to the Gay Austin Geeks/Gaming in Color Party at The Basement (which no longer exists). Twas fun hanging out with other queer gamers but I just ended up getting drunk with my boyfriend and eating free food.

Sunday: 3/10

This was a short day for me but I did manage to see Continental directed by Malcolm Ingram (Small Town Gay Bar, Bear Nation). When you get a chance to see this documentary, do it. This is an excellent piece of history and is Mr. Ingram’s best work to date.

From there I went to Dirty Dog with some friends and caught 12 Years Driven which was a nice bit high energy rock.

Tuesday: 3/12

After work I went to Russian House for WuWu Fest and enjoyed Carousel before heading to the top floor of the Hilton Garden Inn to see the Women of Letters panel.

Women of Letters is a Australian organization that supports animal rescue shelters by holding events where established artists each compose a new letter they write specifically for this occasion. On this night, the lineup was amazing:

Some of these letter elicited emotional reactions. Some made you lean forward, smile and say “fuck yes” in reserved catharsis. Others, such as Ms. Palmer’s, made you wish you had known the person they were speaking of. I loved this entire experience.

Following the depth and thought of Women of Letters, I needed some beer and some music.

I ended up at Antone’s for Surfer Blood which was, very surprisingly, not packed.  I have seen these guys before but they were really on this night. Great energy and it pulled me out of my own head where I had been trapped by the letters.

After the set ended, I took the trek across town, past i-35, to Cheer Up Charlies and saw Shivering Timbers play to a packed inside crowd at 1230am. After that excellent show I was sweaty, drunk and tired.  I needed to rest up for my first really full day of SXSW.


Wednesday: 3/13

Highlights: Cavemen wowed me mid-day at Brooklyn Vegan. That showcase gets better every year. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs’ DJ Set at Bungalow was excellent and a cool compliment to his full live show which I saw last year inside at Mohawk. 

Brooklyn Vegan Day Party @ Old Emo’s

British Music Embassy @ Latitude 30

Brooklyn Vegan Day Party @ Old Emo’s

British Music Embassy @ Latitude 30

Bungalow (Rainey Street)

Thursday: 3/14

Highlights: Wet Nuns. Wet Nuns.  Fuckin’ listen to some fuckin’ Wet Nuns already. Seriously.  

British Music Embassy @ Latitude 30

Brooklyn Vegan Day Party @ Old Emo’s

Empire Automotive


Friday: 3/15

The day started out kind of shitty. Student loan bullshit and I broke the expensive ass camera that Justin had loaned me (turned out to be an $11 fix, which was pure luck). So I drank myself through the day hoping that my wristband would get me into Mohawk for Chelsea Light Moving… and by fucking science, it did! I grabbed three beers, and planted my hips firmly on the front of the outside stage at Mohawk so I could see this magical sound in person. If you haven’t listened to their album, do yourself a favor. After the show ends, I stop by Mugshots for a nightcap and then start walking home. The busses are fucked and it was only two miles. I make it down to near Magnolias around 230am and who is crossing the street with an armful of records but Thurston Moore. I managed to compose myself enough to tell him how much I enjoyed the show. Then I went home, drunk and happy.

Brooklyn Vegan Day Party@ Old Emo’s

Sonic Bids Party @ Maggie Mae’s


Mohawk: House of Van’s Evening Showcase

Saturday 3/16

Highlights: This was my more relaxed day. I took it easy and wandered with a bit less intensity. Luke Sital-Singh & Micah P. Hinson were wonderful for me in this mood. Two very different acts but both stand as examples of just how good one man and a guitar can be.

Red 7

Holy Mountain

British Music Embassy @ Lattitude 30

Oilcan Harry’s

Red Eyed Fly

That does it for this SXSW 2013 wrap-up. It is late, yeah, but we are always behind on shit here at Beyond 6th. Like Mopac at rush hour… EXPECT DELAYS.

Much love, gentle readers. Hope to be back with some new content soon.